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Digital Forehead Thermometer

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

So many times over the years my father in law has asked me if he has a fever.  He could no longer use or read the old mercury thermometers and he could barely see the oral digital thermometers.  Thankfully we were able to come up with this digital forehead thermometer and life became so much easier.

This digital forehead thermometer is awesome and there are actually two ways to use it – as a forehead thermometer or even by removing the cover and using it as an ear thermometer.  If a fever is detected there is a series of beeps as well as a red light on the display as well as an unhappy face.  If there is no fever, the display remains green with a nice smiley face!

My favorite feature is its speed – very fast; pretty much after 1 second, you can have an accurate reading.  Although this is designed for your forehead, I have used it on temples with equal success.

The screen is plenty large enough so that even those with vision issues (such as me) can see it clearly, in any lighting situation.  And now that our grandchildren are also living with us, we have even more of a need for this type of thermometer and it can hold up to 25 different readings in its memory.

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I ordered a Forehead thermometer, serial # REL2012003-1244 from Amazon. The only reading I get is "LO". I couldn't find anything in the directions about getting a numerical reading.

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